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Wireless Design

At Stable Technical, we have you covered when it comes to wireless design, testing, installation, benchmarking and troubleshooting. We have designed and commissioned in-building DAS networks from small single indoor antenna off-air solutions to multi-service campus solutions covering over 10 million sq ft. We have over 30 years of RF design experience, so you can trust us to recommend the best solution for your in-building application. Whether your system requires coax, twisted pair, fibre, or a combination of all three, we have the tools, equipment, design and installation experience to get the job done right, on time and on budget.

Project Documentation

While all aspects of the project are important contributors to the success of a project, one often overlooked item in the project is the as-built documentation.  The only thing worse than not having as-builts is having incomplete or inaccurate as-builts. Missing or incorrect data in the documentation puts the entire document into question.  Our goal at Stable Technical Services is to provide comprehensive as-builts documentation for all our projects.  This includes the obvious layout, equipment, and design changes, but also includes all of the test results such as OTDR sweeps, TDR for twisted pair and coax cable, insertion loss testing, PIM testing, etc.


When it comes to in-building systems, one size does not fit all.  Each building is unique in terms of layout, size, and construction, however other factors play into the design such coverage,  wireless services, and capacity requirements. Stable Technical Services will design, install and commission a solution that is right for your building, coverage, capacity, service, and budget. We have experience designing small off-air distributed coax systems, right through to large multi-service solutions, using coax, fibre, and twisted pair cable. We have experience designing and deploying systems from single indoor antenna right through shopping malls, manufacturing complexes, international airports, underground tunnels and commercial office towers.

Interference Mitigation

Interference can play havoc with wireless systems. Interference can result in dropped data connections, voice calls as well as reduced throughput.  Intermittent interference makes tracking down the potential source difficult without the right tools.  While performance issues can also be tied to poor system design or installation, it is important to rule out any system issues before turning your attention to external sources.  Regardless of the interference source, we will track down the interference and correct the problem or recommend changes that will reduce or eliminate the interference.

Site Survey

Site surveys are an important aspect of any wireless design.  Site surveys are used to:

-1- validate designs
-2- refine theoretical model parameters.  
-3- benchmark and document a system to ensure that the stated goals and objectives are met.  
-4- troubleshoot and locate network issues such as misconfigured, unconfigured, faulty equipment, changes in the neighboring networks that have increased system noise, etc